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Tips & Advice

Create A Compelling Profile

– Tips & Advice

01) Keep It Real & Use A Good Photo While Completing Your Profile

At Parallel Hearts 1’s Singles Free Dating Chat App & Site, you have to fill out your name. Remember to Keep It Real and not to create your profile in a fake name or choose an alias. Keep in mind that you might want to get your profile verified at some point, which underlines the importance of being honest.

As for your avatar, use a recent professional picture with good quality, so potential soulmates don’t dismiss you by default. Don’t include minors or other people in your profile picture in order to avoid misleading information and signals. Just focus on displaying your actual appearance and make sure your personality comes across.

Fill out the “About Me” section with an exciting profile text and keep it long enough without it being too short or too long. It’s a good idea to draw inspiration from other profiles on Parallel Hearts 1. Without being a copycat. Write from your heart and soul, because it will better connect thus touch the reader. 

02) Use Happy Photos & Videos Albums Like On Any 100% Free Dating Sites

It is always fun and exciting to browse pictures & videos in albums, because albums and image as well as video galleries show you in several situations. They give a fuller picture of you as a person, so take advantage of this.

Try to weave humor in and display joy, when writing your profile text. Good vibes and energy tend to spread and engage your surroundings in a positive way.

Superficiality won’t get you anywhere in general. It will only get you rejected. Henceforth, Keep It Personal, Cool & Not Cruel even when there is no chemistry on a date. 

03) Stay Outgoing, Patient, Cool & Not Cruel On Our 100% Free Dating Site

The worst thing you can do after completing your profile is to sit back and expect immediate contact, right? No! You have to take action by making contact and don’t simply write “Hello” in the message, because your goal is to start a conversation.

It’s vital you uphold a good tone. Don’t Be Cruel, Be Cool. Simply behave properly or get banned from Parallel Hearts 1 online dating service.

Connecting with a soulmate is more the exception than the rule. Therefore expect to parallel date with a bunch of potential soulmates first, before finding the right one for you.

04) Express What You Want & Need & Don’t Let a Rejection Knock You Down

If you are rejected – even after being on a date – do not lose your spirit. Just move lightly over to the next in line. Your success rate is high, because there have never been more singles using online dating than before. Henceforth, a rejection is to be taken lightly.

When writing your text for your Parallel Hearts 1 profile, write what your “Wants & Needs” Are. It gives potential soulmates the perfect opportunity to get an idea on what you have to offer and what they can give in return. Mostly because it’s the first impression they get of your personality.

Also, keep in mind that if you have too many “Wants & Needs”, it will alienate you, since nobody’s without faults.

05) Before The First Date, Initiate Chat On Our 100% Free Dating App & Site

The best Tip & Advice is to communicate before dating in order to find out if there is a spark of chemistry. Get personal and see if you are compatible. If so, then arrange a first date. Keep it formal and lower your expectations. It’s a first date, so a cup of coffee will suffice.

When addressing potential soulmates you fancy, be sincere and display genuine interest. Displaying your attraction to one another is normal and should not be downplayed. However, control it so it does not become stalker-like. It’s a major turn off.

06) Be Yourself By Displaying Integrity & Stay Creative

Having a backbone and integrity is attractive, therefore dare to stand by your attitudes and opinions by agreeing to disagree. Stay calm and uphold a good tone when chatting, because it’s not a political debate. Most importantly don’t lie just to impress.

At Parallel Hearts 1, creativity is the norm. Use your photo and words as a wordsmith rather than being classically romantic. Get romantic after the first date.

07) Finally, Accept Rejections On Our 100 percent Free Dating Site!

A no is a no. Always accept a rejection without making it personal. In other words, BE COOL, NOT CRUEL!” And remember, Do Not Take It Personally if Your Message is Not Answered. There Can Be Multiple Reasons. For example, it may be that he / she has already found his / her match, but has not yet closed his / her profile. Or simply because they are not feeling you! That’s okay, move on to the next potential soulmate.

Create Your Profile Today

Are you game? If you have not already created your profile, these tips and advice will not benefit you. It all starts with a soulmate. We offer a 100% free online dating service for Love, Affinity and Trust! So quit stalling and Create Your Profile Today. If you still have questions contact us by phone or email. You will find our information on our Customer Service section.

Parallel Dating

Parallel Hearts 1, Soul Connector

– What’s the Meaning of Parallel Dating?

Well, lets Define Parallel Dating! The term “Dating Parallel” is when singles flirt with multiple partners online. “Parallel Dating Tinder” is a popular search term among singles. The Parallel Dating Definition includes chatting with potential soulmates, at the same time. Typically in online groups via a Parallel Dating App and / or Parallel Dating Site, such as Parallel Hearts 1, Soul Connector.

It starts with a soulmate, Parallel Hearts 1, Soul Connector
It starts with a soulmate!

Our Parallel Hearts Site gives theses singles a chance to meet off-line for coffee or drinks and Parallel Date. This usually includes more than one dating partner in a day. They will round it up by assembling a “table” of positive and negative points relevant to each “candidate”.

Top 20 List

The best online dating sites & apps for singles worldwide

Whether you want a flirt, love or a soulmate, you are probably wondering where all the hip singles date nowadays? Well, online dating services are the must go-to-places.

The power of online dating platforms is the ability to connect singles from all corners of life. In this article we are going to focus on the United Kingdoms online dating scene with more than 1,400 dating websites and apps.

So which free dating & relationship messaging sites & apps are completely free?

The truth is the variety of dating sites and apps has never been more merrier. Regardless of your interests, you are most likely just a few clicks away from meeting your potential match thus soulmate.

In case you are in need of some qualified dating news and tips, we strongly recommend you to visit Reddit and in our opinion the leading dating advisor DatingAdvice.

This is our “top 20 list” of the best international dating websites and apps worldwide, with the exception of our very own Parallel Hearts 1, Soul Connector.

We are situated in Copenhagen, Denmark and pride ourselves for having a 100% free chat and 100% free LGBTQIA+ dating advice groups!

The “top 20 list” of the best international dating sites & apps worldwide

1. eHarmony is best suited for: serious relationships, love & friendship

Has partially free and paid memberships

Serves over 5 million users in the UK alone

The eHarmony app installation and site registration is completely free. Users can use precomposed templates to initiate the interaction. Nevertheless, you have to subscribe for customized messages and to have full access to your match’s profile. They have membership packages of 24 months that cost £7.95 per subscription on a monthly basis.

More than 2 million people have allegedly found each other through their modern matchmaking algorithms. Some of the criterias are the obligatory short quiz users must fill out inorder to determine their compatibility score. This also includes personality tests along with some solid dating advice and useful tips & ticks.

2. is best suited for: returning to the dating market

Has partially free and paid memberships

Millions of users worldwide and 3 million in the UK alone

With a catchy brand name, has become a synonym for online dating and claims to have a match for every single person. Just create an in-depth profile, in order for the matchmaking search criteria algorithm to work in your favor.

Like many other online dating services out there it’s free. However you can only send and receive messages if you are a paid member. Paid plans range from £12.99 per month for six months at a time.

3. EliteSingles is best suited for: educated academic singles in their 40s.

Has paid memberships.

Prices range From £24.95 monthly.

Approximately 170,000 paid members.

In contrast to Tinder, EliteSingles matchmaking criterias are based on a compatibility personality test. This includes your optimistic and ambitious level, your social skills, how friends would describe you etc. Furthermore, whether or not you want children. With most users having a degree and in general ranging from 30 to 55 years old, it’s only natural to aim for long-term commitments and intellectual matches.

In order to chat, send messages and to gain full access to your matches you’ll need a paid subscription. This enables you to view your matches photo albums and to leave comments. Paid memberships range from £24.95 monthly for 12 months, however you can start with a 3 months trial for £44.95 monthly or six months for £34.95 monthly.

4. SilverSingles is best suited for: Mature men and women around their 50’s looking for love and a long-life partner.

Has partially free and paid memberships.

Around 70,000 paid and free members in the UK alone

Even though Silver Singles is gaining momentum in the UK, it is most used in the United States. In order to get matched with a potential soulmate, you must fill out a comprehensive personality test. This takes up-to 30 minutes to complete.

Likewise, subscribing to a paid membership allows you to send messages and chat to prospective matches. Prices start from $24.95 per 12 months.

5. Ourtime is best suited for: meeting a diverse selection of older and mature men and women over-50s in your local area.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has more than 150,000 active members

Our Time is a great contrast to Tinder and is perfect for those who want to meet face-to face. It has recurring events for older and mature singles in your local area. This makes it easy for you to meet similar and like-minded love interests. As an extra feature, you are allowed to accompany yourself with up to 3 friends for moral support.

Due to being a part of Match Group, your profile will also be displayed on other dating sites and apps. This is a great opportunity for you, because it maximizes your chances for meeting your potential soulmate.

6. Telegraph Dating is best suited for: meeting like-minded singles and personals.

Has partially free and paid memberships.

Approximately 220,000 members worldwide.

The Telegraph Dating offers a simple way to meet up like-minded singles and personals. After completing setting up your free account, just view others’ profiles until you find a perfect match. Then follow them up with a message..

A one-liner message and a reply is all you’re gonna get with a free membership, because only paying customers can initiate conversations and compose customized messages. The subscription prices start from £12 per month for 12 months. As an extra feature, you can pay £10 extra per month, so anyone can reply to your messages free of charge.

7. Parship is best suited for: singles looking to find a long-term relationship

Has partially free and paid memberships.

23,000 new members every week.

With its matching algorithm of 136 rules to categorize members into 36 personality traits, is considered to apply a scientific approach. The site relies on 40 years of research, including how to forge a successful relationship. The compatibility questionnaire is comprehensive, and ranges from relevant questions to seemingly not so relevant questions.

There is a 50 – 50 divide in the percentage between males and females. Allegedly 52 percent of the members are graduates. The site has around 23,000 signups on a weekly basis and claims that 4 in 10 find love.

Although signups are free, paid memberships on the other hand cost from £14.90 monthly for 12 months. This allows you – among other cool features – to send mesages.

Furthermore, you can trial the site per 6 months for £19.90 monthly or three months for £29.90 monthly.

8. Original Dating is best suited for: Singles who want fun means to connect with The One & Only.

Has paid memberships.

Prices ranges from £10 per event.

Has around 250,000 members.

Tired of online dating? Original Dating differs from other apps, because it focuses on off-line dating, hereunder face-to-face meetings. However, it has speed dating events with virtual options. This gives you the opportunity to meet between 15 and 20 people in a single evening. Unlike traditional speed dating events, Original Dating has an equal ratio of men and women with the help of an online booking system.

Prices start at just £10 per event. Discounts and access to more exclusive events are available through a paid subscription, however you can skip all of this by just giving an event a go.

9. OkCupid is best suited for: fun and inclusive singles.

Free dating membership with no need for payment nor subscription.

Has over 4 million members worldwide.

OkCupid has a comprehensive personality test, aimed to maximize compatibility. Singles can henceforth add personality into their profiles by answering fun and light-minded questions.

To increase the quality of messages, singles can only chat with their matches. Installing the app and chatting to users is free, however singles can subscribe for extra features.

The OKCupid app was the first to include 22 genders and 13 sexual orientation options back in 2014. This open-minded move to include the LGBTQIA+ community made OkCupid especially notice. OKCupid claims to connect over 91 million members every year.

10. Bumble is best suited for: the empowerment of women.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has around 22 million members globally.

Due to the gender imbalance of online dating sites and apps, females must initiate the conversations on Bumble app. Instead of having overly detailed profiles, the Bumble platform focuses on video calls as a way to learn about your match before a date.

Members who stall on Bumble are penalized, because singles only have 24 hours to start a conversation or the match expires. The Bumble app is free of charge, however one can upgrade to Bumble Boost. This allows you to view singles, who have already ‘liked’ you. The monthly cost is £11.16 and goes on for 6 months and/or the daily cost is £2.49.

11. HER is best suited for: meeting like-minded LGBTQIA+ queer women.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has 4 million members globally.

HER offers the LGBTQIA+ community including queer, bisexual and lesbian women the unique opportunity to finding their ideal match. Therefore HER is a great asset to the over populated dating app scene with very few inclusive sites and apps to its name.

The free version of the HER app allows users to view profiles, add friends and start chats with no need for payment nor subscription plans. However, should you be interested in filtering users by sexuality, see who is currently online and more. Then you can upgrade to HER premium.

HER also has LGBTQIA+ chat groups and local events, where they share news, including tips & tricks.

12. Inner Circle is best suited for: up and coming individuals and professionals.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Hosts over 3 million users worldwide.

With more than 450,000 applicants on the waiting list back in 2016, Inner Circle – with its featured couples black ties and cocktail dress – is a selective online dating platform. For those of you who are familiar with the Glyndebourne, the Inner Circle adverts are known for looking like it’s promotions.

Inner Circle just reached 4 million users worldwide. This includes 66 cities in 29 countries. Although the application – Tailored to matchmaking ambitious and career-savvy young professionals – is free to download. Singles hence professionals can subscribe to premium packages and reap the benefits of the exclusive member events.

13. Happn is best suited for: professionals and people on the move.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Approximately 50 million singles worldwide.

When members cross paths in real life, they’ll pop up on the Happn app. Assuming there is an attraction, users can send a heart to one another and start chatting.

Members exact location is private, nevertheless members approximate location is shared. Happn is a free app with premium features, such as having up to 10 ‘Hellos’ and the access to lists of people who are into you.

14. Hinge is best suited for: young people looking for love.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Approximately 5.5 million members worldwide.

Hinge is the new player in the dating industry. It’s referred to by millennials as ‘the relationship app’, due to its advertising slogan. Instead of the usual photos and a one-line bio, when building your dating profile. New users must answer three questions, so potential matches can ‘like’ and initiate a conversation.

The app is free to download and you have unlimited access to profiles, swiping and sending messages. A membership plan is required for filtering results. Apart from that everything is free, including having full access to profiles, swiping and messaging.

15. Tinder is best suited for: hookups, one-night-stands, casual dating, local dating and platonic relationships.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has more than 50 million singles globally.

Tinder is the clear front runner in the app stores. It has over a billion app downloads. Singles can swipe, message and date. Tinder claims to generate 1 million dates weekly.

Tinder has a very beautiful interface and a user friendly functionality. Singles can include names, jobs, companies, educations, locations along with links to their Instagram and Spotify profiles.

16. Badoo is best suited for: betting on multiple partners.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has approximately 497 million members worldwide.

If you fancy the pampering lifestyle, then Badoo is your ideal choice. Upon creating an account you’ll be asked whether to chat, casual date, initiate a serious relationship or to keep your options open.

Badoo’s live video chats and the swiping functionality. With non excessive and detailed profile info you get notifications when someone likes or sends you a direct message. This, however, can be overwhelming as there are so many users. Due to Badoo having over 400 million users globally, one can get the feeling of being bombarded with the heavy amount of messages flooding one’s inbox.

Weekly subscriptions start at £4.99 and come in packages.

17. Coffee Meets Bagel is best suited for: romance and love relationships.

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans.

Has over 7 million registered users worldwide.

The app’s main user base resides in the United States. With that said, it does have a unique concept. For example, its USP differs from other sites in the sense that the site only sends you one match per day. In contrast to just wiping left and/or right, you get to fully consider whether a match has potential or not.

However, they have a ‘Discover’ tab that gives singles the possibility to match with multiple singles. The app includes a free messaging chat. If you upgrade for a paid membership, you can see if your messages have oppenened. Furthermore, you can access stats regarding your matches.

18. Qemistry is best suited for: Young inclusive singles in search for love interests

Has free dating memberships with no need for payment nor subscription plans targets 18-35 year olds, including all genders and orientations such as the LGBTQIA+ singles. is the new kid on the block with great potential and a great addition to the dating industry. Unlike creating an extensive profile with personality tests, here you just upload videos to your profile. TikTok, Instagram Stories or a video of you telling a joke are all qualified.


Rumor Has It, The Best Bumble Dating App Also Has The Best Singles Chat!

The Parallel Dating App, provided by our online dating service, is considered to be the Best Bumble App. Thanks to it’s Best Singles Chat. This makes Parallel Hearts 1 the Best Bumble Dating Site on the internet. However, one cannot talk about the Best Bumble Site without mentioning the famous @Bumble website. They say it has the Best Singles Dating and rain as the leading Dating App!

Nevertheless, we beg to differ! As mentioned the Best Dating Chat, Best Dating Groups and Best Free Bumble App is ours. If you disagree it’s okay, but at least agree that the Best Dating Site is @Parallelhearts1. Why would anyone new to a Free Online Dating App register on the Best Free Bumble Dating App, rather than signing up directly on the Best Free Bumble Dating Site?

It’s because most singles prefer the Best Free Bumble Site as their Best Online Dating App. however is in my opinion the Best Online Dating Site hands down. It’s focused on developing the Best Singles Chat in order to stay as the Best Singles Dating Bumble Site. That’s why it’s very easy to find Bumble Login due to a friendly interface.

Does The Free Bumble App Also Have A Free Bumble Login?

Let’s find out why the Free Bumble Dating App does not offer synchronized features on Google Play, such as a Free Bumble Login. We think it’s due to the fact that the Free Bumble Site is frequently updated, making it impossible to publish updates to the Google App Store and iOS Apple Store. It’s therefore highly recommended that you keep using the Free Bumble Dating Site for the latest features.

Parallel Hearts 1 is a new and Free Singles Dating App along with a Free Singles Dating Site. You can install our Free Dating App directly from our website. It has a user friendly interface and a search algorithm unlike any other Free Singles Dating Chat App. The same way WhatsApp and Facebook are popular, so is our Free Dating Chat Site. Even though we are a Free Dating Site, we do have subscription plans inside our Free Singles Dating App. This applies to our Free Online Dating Site as well.

Take a chance with Singles Free Dating Site?

Afrointroduction International Cupid & Free Relationship Sites also refered to as Charmly Dating App and is among the best Free Relationship Sites along with Afrointroduction International Cupid. People really enjoy chatting on these websites, because it’s easy to make new connections fast, and keep building them up. City Sweeties Dating App, Charmerly Dating Site and Rolymeet Easy App are very popular on Date4you Reviews. We think its probably because they have been recognized as some of the Best Single Sites for over 40.

Another site that has a lot of mature men and women looking for love is Eris Dating Site. It’s also a Free Single Sites for over 50. Some of these mentioned sites are present on App stores. However, a recent survey has shown that “Rolymeet Join Me Chat App Download” is a search phrase often used on Google Play and iOS App Store. A lot of people have complained about Charmley Dating Site Login, while praising Rolymeet Easy Login.

Rolymeet Join Me is user friendly just like Hearts Dating Site. Therefore give a shout out and Download Rolymeet App. A lot of relationship apps like Gaper App offer similar paid services to Rolymeet Join Me Chat Room, Rolymeet Join Me Video Call and Zoosk Search Without Registering. If you need documentation then Google Search “Gaper App Review Reddit” and see for yourself.

Jamble Dating Reddit reviews and Tawkify Reviews Reddit gets likes and shares!

Could this be because they are Totally Free Single Sites? Anyway Is Rolymeet Legit, Luvcougar Legit and Is Rondevo Legit? It is questionable, especially since they are all associated with Match Meetups Hrnyluv33… Be as it may Parallel Hearts, Pearup Grindr, Weeb Dating App and Rolymeet Apk are known as Single Sites for over 40.

Upon stumbling on a Rolymeet Profile that had Wildbuddies Phone Number, I was led to believe that online dating members are not just on one app nor site. They have a tendency to spread out on multiple dating services looking primarily for one night stands. If you are one of these singles who live for one night stands, then register an account with us to find like minded singles.

#1 Match Website (Parallel Hearts 1) is not listed among the 10 Best Dating Sites 2022

To no one’s surprise, the Free Dating #1 Night Stand App is the one rated as the most promiscuous!

The top 10 Dating Sites with paid subscriptions and top 10 Free Dating Sites will most likely go down as the leading apps in 2022. A 100% Free Dating Site in Usa and Canada is the 10 Top Picks Tinder and the 100% Free Adult Personals dating services have a list of their own. Consequently, the 100% Free Dating Sites for Seniors are often listed in the 100% Free Dating Sites No Payment category. Although we don’t offer 100% Free Internet Dating, we are known for our inclusion in the 100% Free Online Chat and Dating Sites segment.

We do nevertheless provide partially 100% Free Online Dating Chat Rooms. If you are looking for a 100% Free Online Dating Site in Usa as well as the top 100% Free Online Dating Site No Registration, you should Google this. Tinder dating app is among the 100% Legit Hookup Sites 2021, however they all require registration. Nevertheless, we are an international online dating service. That’s why we were enlisted in the Hall Of Fame of the 100% Percent Free Asian Dating Sites. For our christian brothers and sisters the 100% Percent Free Christian Dating Sites review is where to get advice, when picking an online dating platform.

“15 Year Age Gap Relationships Older Woman”, a known search query among Cougars & Cubs

The Cougars & Cubs 100% Percent Free Dating App is available for download on various websites, including App Stores. A blog post by Tinder Inc. that will be published in 2022, is titled “100% Percent Free Dating Apps”. Tinder will also be commenting on the best 100% Percent Free Dating Sites blog post. A growing trend among singles is that more and more people are searching “100 Percent Free Dating Sites No Sign Up”. It seems that no registration sites and apps are preferred. However, singles above 40 prefer 100% Percent Free Dating Sites for Seniors.

Many sites claim that they are 100% Percent Free Dating Sites for Singles, when really they are not. We only fancy ourselves partially among 100% Percent Free Dating Sites in Usa. Our site & app concept is “soulmate” relationships, so if you are into 100% Percent Free Hookup Sites try 100% Totally Free Dating Sites in your local area. If that is not enough, then try out 100% Totally Free European Dating Sites. If you are simply looking for 101 Christian Dating, then the 101 Free Christian Dating site is recommended. Are you into senior online dating services, then Google “12meetsenior Com Senior Dating”,

Google these keywords, if you are still struggling to find the best results for:

🔎 “senior dating”

  • 20 year age gap relationships older woman
  • she is 20 years older than me
  • 20-year age gap relationships older man
  • 50 year-old woman dating 20 year-old man
  • dating an older woman 20 years
  • older woman/younger man relationship statistics
  • my girlfriend is 20 years older than me
  • signs a younger man likes an older woman
  • does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older
  • dating a woman 20 years older than me

Free Dating App Vs. Free Dating Site!

– A Good Dating App is easier to access

The fact is A Good Dating Site is a bit difficult to access, because you need to enter the URL in a browser first before you can use it. Parallel Hearts 1 is A Legit Dating Site, and is often mentioned on A List of Dating Sites throughout the World Wide Web. We are A New Love Dating Site, also known for being A Website to Make Friends. Aarp Dating Site for example has a similar reputation as this is reflected on Aarp Dating Site Reviews.

Abled Love Dating Site is relatively new and has Absolutely Free Dating Apps. We are however not an Absolutely Free Dating Site. If you are seeking Absolutely Free Dating Sites, you should be careful since they are overpopulated with scammers. Our advice is therefore to target Absolutely Free Dating Sites for Seniors. Here you’ll find Academic Singles using senior dating sites as Absolutely Free Hookup Websites.

Academic Singles Dating is a new concept. That’s why an Academic Singles Dating Site, such as Elite Singles, is getting more and more popular. They don’t use fancy features such as “Swipe”, thus there is no one complaining like they do when they Accidentally Swiped Left on Bumble or Accidentally Swiped Left on Tinder.

Ace Dating App has a cool sounding name, but whether they have Actual Dating Sites that are Actual Free Dating Sites remains to get researched. There are a decent number of Actual Free Hookup Sites with Actual Hookup Apps. However are these Actually Free Dating Apps? Well, Adam4adam App and it’s famous Adam4adam App Android and Adam4adam App Iphone can all be installed on Adam4adam Mobile.

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