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Which 100 ❤️ dating sites/apps are completely free?

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Best top 100 dating sites/apps. Join for FREE, Matchmaking & Compatibility and Chat without Payment
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Best top 100 dating sites/apps

⇒ 100 Completely free ❤️ dating sites/apps with 【No subscription】 & paid ones!

If you’re single, then entering the world of online dating can be challenging, but also rather fulfilling. Sure, online dating certainly has its own stigma and many are doubtful that they can find their true love online. However, dating sites have shown time and time again that you can find a great match here. That is, provided you create a great profile, share the right info and also feed their algorithm the info it needs. 

Nowadays you can find around 8000 dating sites in the entire world. So there’s definitely no shortage of options. With that in mind, not all of these websites are great, some are actually less than ideal. After all, there are more dating sites in the world when compared to US hospitals. Needless to say, you need to find the best option that suits your needs, and thankfully we created a list to help with that. Here you have our list of the top 100 best dating websites in the world. If you’re looking to find a date or even true love, then you definitely have to check this list right now.

Why did we choose these best top 100 online dating websites/apps?

We picked every website carefully to ensure that it delivers the authenticity, user quality and value that you would expect. All these websites have great reviews, they also have millions of members and are known for helping people find their true love. Now it all comes down to every website and its own specifics. 

Normally we always take a lot of different factors into consideration. Things like the number of members, the website age, but also how genders are represented on the website and so on. We always update this list, and we ensure that you get access to the best pick without any issues.

  1. has over 39.7 million users at the time of this writing, it was created in 1995 and it continues to grow all the time. It constantly innovates and in 2017 they created their own app. You can browse based on appearance, age, location and other factors. 

This is the type of website that you will enjoy using whether you want to make friends, find your true love or just enjoy a great date. It’s also nice that you can access a Missed Connections feature to connect with people you found in the real world. The gender ratio is close to 50/50, which is ideal for a dating website. As a whole, it’s a great site and one that you should consider if you’re interested in online dating.

  1. Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a website focused on helping elites find true love. The idea here is that over 80% of the users here have a degree. This is not a site meant to find just a random date, instead it’s more focused on finding people that are committed to excellence and long term commitment. It’s a great option for a busy professionals that still want to find their true love. If you’re an educated single person with various accomplishments and degrees, then you will fit right in. 

  1. Eharmony

Eharmony was created in 2000 and it has 4.1 million users. It can be a great option for those that want a fast date, but it’s also suitable for more meaningful relationships. What’s cool about eharmony is that they have a personality test and they use that to suggest matches. It’s certainly a unique approach and the experience as a whole is actually very impressive. Their algorithm is powerful and it’s proven to have results. In fact, the site itself states they were able to forge upwards of 2 million relationships all over the world. That goes to show the uniqueness and efficiency of this website, but also the great experience that it brings to the table. 

  1. Zoosk

Zoosk has more than 35 million users and it’s one of the largest dating networks in the entire world. Not only is it free to join, but it has around 30 million visits every month. So for the most part users are very active, which means profiles are up to date and the dating experience is better when compared to other messages. There are 3 million messages sent between the Zoosk users, which clearly shows the popularity of the site itself. The site is solely made of singles, and it features 48$ male and 52% female users. 

Nerdy dating sites 

One of the interesting things about dating websites is that you can find many of them niched down to specific nerdy things. Yes, you can find dating sites solely for Harry Potter fans, for Doctor Who fans and so on. Which is great, because not only can you find a date which shares common interests, but you can also make new friends. That’s why these nerdy dating sites can be a goldmine for anyone that wants to find a great date.

  1. BronyMate

BronyMate is definitely a one of a kind website. The My Little Pony vibe added here is certainly something different to what we are accustomed to, but it’s certainly one of the coolest dating websites out there. Yes, it’s a website for people of all ages, and you will find it incredibly engaging and a lot of fun. It does have the main idea that every user needs to be a My Little Pony fan, but you are bound to find a lot of fans and people enjoying this experience.

  1. Trek Dating 

Speaking of fandom-based dating websites, Trek Dating is obviously created for all Star Trek fans. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the reboots or the original series, there’s a place here for everyone. While their matching system is not the best, the fact that you can make friends or even find a date within the Star Trek community makes Trek Dating a very cool website. Sure, it’s more of a niche site, but still well worth a try if you want to find a great date.

  1. Whovian Love 

Whovian Love is definitely a great site for those that love Doctor Who. Over the years, Whovian Love has managed to acquire quite the audience, and everyone is invited regardless of what doctor you like the most. It’s one of those websites that a lot of users love because it brings the fandom together. To make things better, the website itself is very easy to use, signing up is free, and there are great search tools here as well. Overall, it’s a wonderful website with plenty of amazing features.

  1. Dating for Muggles 

If there’s one movie series with a massive audience even up to this date, that’s definitely Harry Potter. The Dating for Muggles website is here to help you find the best dating experience for any Potter fan. With that in mind, the website is great if you want to find friends in the Harry Potter world. It’s a very interesting website where you can easily connect with fans and even ask them out. Another nice thing is that you can see who is online and engage them in a conversation. Overall, it’s a wonderful site for any Harry Potter fan.

  1. Gk2gk

Gk2gk isn’t particularly specialized on any fandom, instead it’s a dating website created for fans of all nerdy things. Whether you are interested in Dungeons and Dragons, videogames or sci-fi movies, you will fit right in. The good thing about this approach is that yes, you will not be niched down unless you want to. The broader approach certainly gives you more options, and it’s one of the best options you can take into consideration for something like this.  

  1. SoulGeek 

SoulGeek has a touchy story because the creator of this website, named Dino Andrade, was widowed in his late 30s. He decided to create a website where he and others could find their true love. It’s a great and interesting concept because it brings fans of nerdy things together and it might even help them find true love. Which is great, because the concept is incredible and it does bring in a lot of innovations and impressive ideas that every fan of nerdy things will enjoy.

Dating websites from the US

The US holds the title for some of the largest dating markets worldwide. In fact, there are upwards of 5000 dating websites in the US alone and new ones appear all the time. Not only that, but since the market is constantly changing, it’s safe to say that you can find any option to suit your needs. 

  1. OkCupid 

OkCupid’s main appeal is the fact that it fits younger audiences, but it also has an older audience as well. And yes, unlike other dating websites this one doesn’t require you to pay in order to contact anyone. Which is important to consider here, since the site itself has been around from 2004. That means their pricing approach is great, and it still doesn’t restrict people from accessing some important features. The app is installed around 1 million times every week, so it certainly has a lot of popularity and people enjoy using it very often.

  1. Match is, as we already mentioned, one of the top dating sites in the entire world. The thing that makes it really cool is that it has upwards of 40 million users. However, around 2.39 million from them are in the US alone. The company is also US based, since it’s found in Dallas, Texas. As a whole, this is a very professional website with a stellar matching algorithm and they are known for delivering an incredible experience and value. We highly recommend testing them out especially if you want an US based dating site that’s relevant, professional and empowering.

General international networks.
  1. EliteSingles

Despite the fact that EliteSingles has its beginnings in Europe, the site itself is now a worldwide dating website. It can be found in well over 25 countries and 165k people join the website every month. They even said that someone is falling in love and starts dating every 7 minutes. It goes to show the incredible power that this website has and the outstanding matching system they are using works quite nicely.

  1. eLoveDates 

eLoveDates has more than 86k members that are connecting with others without even paying a single dime. The site has an userbase in a large number of countries. Another great thing is the amazing interface and the fact that you are not restricted to buy a membership just to connect with and contact other people. 

  1. A Foreign Affair

As long as you are over 18 years old you can easily sign up to A Foreign Affair. You can do that from any country and then profiles can be browsed for free. They do have a fee however, yet it’s not overly expensive. We do like the unique style that they have when it comes to the website design and interface. Plus, finding new profiles is simple, and their matching system as a whole is one of the best out there.

Indian Dating Sites

India has a thriving dating community, and there are millions of people all over the country using dating websites. That means you won’t have a shortage of options. While many international dating sites work here really well, you will also notice our list has some local sites created specifically for Indian users. It’s great because it offers users that unique approach they expect, and the results as a whole are quite incredible. 

  1. IndianCupid

IndianCupid has a unique approach because unlike other sites, it’s targeting Indians from other countries, those that are found in English speaking countries. With that in mind, Indian expats will find this website very good, it has a lot of amazing features and filters you can use to narrow down the right date. The worldwide aspect makes IndianCupid quite appealing, and you won’t have a problem signing up from anywhere in the world. But keep in mind this is a website created with Indian expats in mind.

  1. DesiKiss

DesiKiss was created in 2000 and since then it was a very powerful dating website for Indians throughout the entire country. It’s a website that has a lot of users, and new ones are signing up all the time. This can be a great choice if you are serious about dating and you only want to date people from India. It’s also great for making new friends, but the focus is certainly on dating, which is definitely not a bad thing. With that in mind, the userbase is constantly growing and you won’t have a problem finding the best date for yourself.

  1. QuackQuack 

QuackQuack is a bit newer, it was created in 2010 and the idea here is to help you find like-minded singles from India. 100k people are coming in every month, so the website is definitely attracting a lot of singles. It’s easy to see why people are flocking to the website, it’s a great site with a powerful matching algorithm and many people actually complete their profiles, unlike other sites out there. And yes, there are plenty of matches made every day, which shows the efficiency of the website as a whole. They have more than 7 million users, so it’s easy to see why it can be a great option.

  1. Aisle

Aisle was created in 2014 and while it’s newer to the market, it does many things right. The focus for Aisle is to help create some great, deep connections. Their team is actually vetting every member, so that adds a lot of transparency and quality to the entire process. Add to that the fact that the dating environment is very selective, and you will be impressed with the efficiency and quality brought here. 

Australian Dating Sites

Whether you live in Australia or want to start dating someone from there, these Australian dating sites are pretty much all you need. These are amazing sites with lots of great people that you can match in no time. 

  1. is one of those websites that has only people from Australia, and the site itself adds 1200 members every day. Add to that the fact that there are over 40k messages sent every day, so it’s easy to see that the website itself is very popular and many people like it. Simply put, if you want to meet Australians and even date one, then this is a great starting point.


As the name suggests, this is a website for no strings attached dating. They have over 100k members and there are 500 matches made every day. On top of that, they are also facilitating the idea of simple, fun dates rather than long term commitments. However, you can still find some users here that want a long term commitment, so there’s definitely something for everyone. If you are interested in Australian dating, can be a wonderful option!

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