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Band-e amir lake depth

The Band-e Amir lakes are a series of six interconnected lakes located in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. The deepest lake is Band-e Haibat, which is 150 meters (492 feet) deep. The other lakes are Band-e Qambar, Band-e Zardi, Band-e Gholaman, Band-e Panir, and Band-e Zarka.

The lakes were formed by a series of earthquakes that occurred about 25,000 years ago. The earthquakes caused the ground to collapse, creating a series of natural dams that trapped the water. The lakes are fed by snowmelt and rainfall, and they are home to a variety of fish species.

The Band-e Amir lakes are a popular tourist destination, and they are also a popular spot for fishing, hiking, and camping. The lakes are located in a remote part of Afghanistan, but they are accessible by road. The drive from Kabul to Band-e Amir takes about 3-4 hours.