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What is best before date in Denmark?

In Denmark, the “best before” date is referred to as “bedst før” or “bedst før dato” in Danish. It is a date printed on food products to indicate the recommended period for consuming the product at its optimal quality, taste, and texture. The “best before” date does not indicate a safety concern but rather a guideline for quality assurance.

The specific format of the “best before” date in Denmark typically follows the day-month-year (DD-MM-YYYY) format. For example, if the date is printed as “15-06-2023,” it means the product is recommended to be consumed before or on June 15, 2023.

It’s important to note that exceeding the “best before” date does not necessarily mean the product is unsafe to consume, but the quality and taste may start to deteriorate over time. It is always advisable to use your own judgment, inspect the product for any signs of spoilage, and follow proper storage and handling guidelines to ensure food safety.