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How to create a compelling profile on Parallel Hearts 1

19 tips and advice:

1) Profile name – be honest

When you create your profile on Parallel Hearts 1, you will be asked for your first name. It is important that you are honest and do not create your profile in a fake name or choose an alias.

2) Use a good profile photo

Choose a good picture of yourself. As a starting point, you should keep children out of your profile picture. Your date can easily find out in the profile information or even on a date. The important thing for many is to give an idea of your appearance. It is your personality that counts, but a good profile picture catches the eye.

Choose an image that is clear and in good quality. The picture should preferably not be several years old, but clearly show how you look today. Feel free to get a friend to take a good picture of you.

3) Write a good profile text

It is important that you have a profile text. There is nothing more boring than visiting a profile you can not read anything about.

When writing the profile text, remember that it must be long enough. This means that it must not be too short or too long. It’s not easy, but listen to your gut feeling. If it says the text is too long, go through it again and trim it. You can also surf around a bit on Parallel Hearts 1, and see what catches you from other users’ profile texts. Without copying of course.

For example, try describing yourself through a real-life story. A story that shows that you have your heart in the right place. This should probably be able to open your eyes to the reader.

4) Create a photo gallery of yourself on your profile

When visiting a Parallel Hearts 1 profile, it is always fun to see pictures. In your image gallery you have the option to add images that show you in several situations. It does not have to be the profile photo in the shirt and tie that follows you everywhere. Make a mix between set situations and relaxed images. It gives a full picture of you as a person.

5) Be humorous and show joy, preferably with a twinkle in the eye

When writing on your profile, try to weave humor in and show joy. If you can show that you think Parallel Hearts 1 is fun, then the chance of others liking you is greater.

6) Be personal

Try to be personal. If you are superficial, you will also be perceived as such, and then the chance of you being rejected is much greater. Therefore, show who you are and make sure that it can be felt also in person.

7) Be outreach and outgoing

When you have completed your profile, it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the offers to roll in, right? No! This is not how the piano plays. Be outreach and active, and if you come across a profile that is interesting, take the chance and try to make contact. They are the few who can just wait to be contacted. But avoid making contact by simply writing “Hello” in the message. It is boring. write a message that starts a conversation.

8) Get in touch and do not expect others to take the initiative

When dating online, be ready to take the initiative. It is the few who can sit back and let the love come automatically. Get in touch if you are interested in him or her. It hardly happens if you sit on your hands or think “he / she is not interested in me at all”, and that may be true, but you will never find out if you do not try. This tip is also relevant for all kinds of dating – do not be afraid to take the initiative!

9) Behave properly and be respectful

In these times when the debate about good tone – also on the internet – is raging in almost all media, it is important to remember that we must be nice to each other. When it comes to online Parallel Hearts 1, it is an extra good idea to behave properly. Behaving cruel and not cool often closes more doors than it opens.

10) Expect that it will take several attempts and time to find the right one

Finding the right one in the first attempt when you date online is more the exception than the rule. It happens, of course, but you should probably expect it to take some trying and different dates to find the right one for you.

11) Do not let a rejection remove the desire to look further for a date

If you are rejected – even after being on a date – do not lose heart and desire. Head on over and have fun with it. The chances of success are high, because there have never been more people using online dating than now. This applies to both young and old. The 60+ segment also uses online dating to find both new friends and boyfriends. So finally do not be robbed of the desire to date online because of a stupid rejection. It is a natural part of life that is best taken with an upright forehead.

12) Write what you are looking for

When writing your text for your Parallel Hearts 1 profile, write what exactly you are looking for. It gives others a better opportunity to get an impression of you and what expectations you have. Also remember that this is the first impression they get of your personality, so check once more if the text and personality match.
Also, keep in mind that if you have too many requirements, it can also scare a potential partner away. Nobody’s perfect.

13) Write together before the first date

A really good piece of advice is to write together before you go on a date. That way you will quickly find out if there is any kind of chemistry and writing chemistry is a good place to start. Find out a little more about each other and see if you just fit a little bit. Once it is in place, you can arrange a first date. It is often a good idea to keep it informal in the first place – for example over a cup of coffee. This is a classic way to meet and get to know each other.

14) Be sincere and show interest

When addressing candidates you find interesting and intriguing, be sincere and show interest in the person you are writing to. Show that you want the person, but not so much that it becomes stalker-like. It’s a major turn off.

15) Stand by your attitudes and opinions

It shows that you have backbone and integrity. You must also dare to stand by them when others do not agree. But remember to keep a good tone when writing. Remember that you are not in it for a political debate.

16) Be honest

How honest should one be when using Parallel Hearts 1? It is always a good question and there are many different attitudes to it. But if you are definitely lying to him or her, who is potentially your “only one”, then it may well become problematic later on.

17) Be creative rather than romantic (there will be time for that later)

At Parallel Hearts 1, creativity is rewarded. You often have to convince via words or a photo rather than being classically romantic. Therefore, you should let your creative abilities and ideas trump the desire to be romantic at this point in the process. Use the energy to create a good, interesting and solid profile.

18) Accept a rejection

When someone answers that you are just not for them, then accept it. Yes, it may feel tedious, but that’s how it’s played. Whether it’s online or in real life, you have to expect that not everyone thinks you’re great. The “Parallel Hearts 1 game” is about finding the one who thinks you are a little more amazing than everyone else, while you return the attention. When you see each other this way, you have won the “game”.

19) Do not take it personally if your letter is not answered. There can be 1000 reasons

The first thing you need to do when you begin your search for a partner via Parallel Hearts 1 is to send a message and get in touch with the one you find interesting. Then comes the wait, where you just wait for an answer. But what if it does not come at all? The best Parallel Hearts 1 tip is: Do not get angry. You have to avoid getting carried away by it. If you do, Parallel Hearts 1 might be a boring experience for you. There can be many reasons for not answering. For example, it may be that he / she has already found his / her match, but has not yet closed his / her profile.

Create your profile today

After reading this guide, you should be prepared for success at Parallel Hearts 1. But if you have not already created your profile, these tips and advice will not help you find the one you are looking for. 

Parallel Hearts 1 is Denmark’s fastest growing dating site.

We’ve brought thousands of lovers together, and we can definitely help you too. Therefore, the next step is obvious: Create a profile at Parallel Hearts 1 today, so you can put our advice to the test, and find out how fun and easy it actually is when you first come out of shell. 

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